The Provincial School for Search and Rescue Dogs (Scuola provinciale cani da ricerca e catastrofe ODV) is a voluntary association established in 1980 at Trento, it has the objective to carry out voluntary and non-profit activities that are connected with the Civil Protection. These activities entail searching and rescuing missing people or people affected by natural catastrophes or calamities in national territory as well as abroad by using their search and catastrophe dog unit (handler- dog).

The school’s priority consists of searching for people with dog units in all areas (area search, mantrailing, rubble) and for decades it has worked together with the department of Civil Protection in the Province of Trento for the organization and coordination of its search activities with its dog units.

The school has currently undertaken hundreds of operations in the region of Trentino, in other areas of Italy as well as in the world affected by calamities.

Headquarters: Piazza Podestà, 10 – 38068 – Rovereto (Trento) – Italy

E-mail address: canidaricerca.tn@gmail.com